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Наши сочинения на английском языке. Юра Лукинский. 4 класс

Bear's happiness

At the beginning of my life I didn’t know who I was. I heard some voices. Somebody was talking about kids, toys, presents. Later I understood that I was at the Toy factory. When the toy-makers made me eyes, I saw a label with a word «bear». I thought: «Oh, I am a bear!». I liked it.

One day I was listening to the workers as usual. Suddenly I heard a new word. I didn’t know its meaning. The word was «happiness». I was puzzled. Some day the workers put me into a big dark box with my brothers and sisters. When we saw the light again, we found ourselves in the huge toy shop. For many days I was sitting on the shelf and I was thinking about the meaning of the word «happiness» Many children took me from the shelf and then they put me back, but one boy (his name was Yura) took me to his home.

Yura has become my best friend! I feel myself like at home. And now I know the meaning of the word «Happiness»!!!

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