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Сочинения на английском языке. Шульженко Саша. 4 класс

Kolya and three sisters

Once upon a time Kolya went home for his training lesson, it was on Monday. Training lesson was terrible and he was very tied. He put his bag near him and opened it. A small paper plane flew out of it. Kolya didn’t see it at first. Then he took out his diary and understood that there was a lot of homework to do. Suddenly he saw that the small plane landed, its door opened and three small people jumped out of it. One of them was not very tall, with thin arms and legs. He had a big nose and curly hair. The scarf with French flag; hung on his neck, coat was thin. There other man was in plaid skirt and red golf and jacket. The third man had a brown beard and mustache. He wore blouse and wide trousers. Now Kolya decided they were Frenchman, Englishman and Russian.

Lilliputians were worried. They shouted in unison: «Trouble! Trouble! Tree sisters Difficulties disappeared out of school reserve!»

«Out of what part?» asked Kolya.

«Out of language part! We need to find them quickly because they can make many problems. With them children cannot learn any language!»

«I know what to do!» said Kolya. «In to the plane, quickly! To England!» «Yes», said the Englishman. — «We have many difficulties. We, English people, strictly keep our traditions. And in language too. Look! We have strictly rules in sentences constructer. The parts of sentence must be in order and violate the order can not be».

«But where is the best to know and follow traditions?» the Russianman asked.

«In Royal Palace, of course! There is a traditional tea party right now at five o’clock»

In Royal Palace there were many people. All of them were sitting at the table with a cup of tea. «How do you work at school?» the English Queen asked.

Kolya opened the mouse to answer but he saw the black blot on the back of Queen’s backrest. «It’s Difficult!» he thought. In his eyes darkened and he understood that he had forgot all rules of English language. Kolya didn’t confuse. He opened the page 40 of his classbook and answered bravely: «Thank you! I am working very hard!»

Suddenly the black blot started to melt.

«Hurray ! » shouted the Englishman. «The first part of case has done!» «But where do we need to go now?» asked Kolya.

Then the a Frenchman said: «To Paris, of course!»

The friends look for the second sister Difficult much time. They were near the Eiffel Tower, and in Louvre, and on Monmartre too. But they couldn’t find her anywhere. They were tired and completely lost the hope. They sat on the bench in Luxembourg Garden to have rest. Here an old man came to them and asked: «Cette heure?»

Kolya answered: «Cinq heures!»

But the old man didn’t understand anything. Kolya repeated. But the old man didn’t understand again. And they all saw that the black blot sat on the old man’s shoulder and giggled. Kolya understood that she was the second sister Difficult.

«I know what’s the matter!» Kolya shouted. «Her name is Pronunciation! Nataly Sergeevna told about difficult French pronunciation»

And he articulated carefully: «Cinq heures!»

The old man smiled and said: «Mersi!» But the blot stopped to giggle and disappeared. «Voile!» The Frenchman said. «Where do we need to go now?»

«Go home!» said Kolya.

«But what about the third Difficult?»

«We will find her there!»

«Where will we fly now?» asked pilot.

«To school! Quick!»

«But why to school?»

«So difficult cases are only in Russian. We wrote a test yesterday on Russian lesson»

The friends found themselves right on the lesson of Russian language. Kolya opened his copybook. There was a bold 2. And near it there was bold nasty blot.

«It can not be! I learned all cases! Именительный — Кто?! Что?! Родительный — Кого?! Чего?! ...» The blot was getting bigger and bigger with each Kolya’s word and with words «Предложный — О ком?! О чем?!» the blot exploded with deafening crash «BO-O-O-OM!!!!» Kolya was startled and ... woke up. Near opened bag there were his classbooks of English, French and Russian languages and the small paper plane lied on the top.

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