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Начальная школа

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Наш любимый английский язык...

Изучение английского языка в нашей
начальной школе - это совсем не скучно!
Это всегда весело, увлекательно, соревновательно.

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Наши сочинения на английском языке. Леонид Хвацкин. 4 класс

Ann, Jack and the king of the underground

One day Jack and his sister Ann were walking in the park. Five minutes earlier they were playing hide — and — sick with some boys and girls at the playground and now they were thinking what game they would play next. It was during the holidays and there weren’t any children from their school. Suddenly a tall ugly boy ran from behind the corner. Children were very frightened. They knew this boy. It was Ben from their school. He was a very bad boy and the headmaster of the school didn’t expel him just because he was very bad, too. So the children were thinking where to hide. At last they saw a big hollow in the old oak. They jumped into the hollow. Then heard a crack and fell into darkness...

After ten or twenty minutes of falling they lied on the hard red ground. Light was very dull and the air was very hot. Jack stood up first. Then Ann stood up, too. Children looked around, but they couldn’t understand where they were. There were some corridors. The first corridor was going to the left, the next was going to the right and the last corridor was going straight ahead. The children went to the left corridor because there was the biggest light in it.

After 30 minutes walking along the corridor they found themselves in a small cave. There was lighter. There were three corridors, too. They turned left again. In the next cave they turned right and in the last cave they went straight ahead. At last they found themselves in a giant cave. There were some strange plants, bushes and trees. Then they heard footsteps and that’s why they stood still. The footsteps were nearer and nearer... BH, BH, BH...

A crowd of strange creatures was standing near Jack and Anna. These creatures were round. They had very long tails, small eyes and small mouths. Some of them had some horns. One of them was with 3 horns and a tall hat. He said: «You, two residents of Highland, do you know where you are?» «No», answered children. So the man with the hat said: «You are in the Land of Giant Stalagmite. Some people from Highland were here, but they didn’t go up again. But now our civilization is in danger and we’ll safe your lives. By the way, my name is Hlunk.» Then Hlunk said: «Follow me and went to a small pretty house. It looked like a pot and it was made of earth. The roof was made of strange bushes. Then Anna asked:» But what has happened to your civilization?" «Let’s get in, and I’ll tell you our story.»

When they got inside they all sat down and Hlunk started his story. «Three years earlier we lived very happily.

We breaded krups- animals like your cows, but lower and longer- and grew hrumans and bromens- edible plants like your potatoes and carrots.

One day we were watching the phaliks’ competition (they are birds like fenix but they can’t burn), but suddenly a big black cloud hid the ceiling of our cave. It was the King of the Deeper Underground. He made us work in his quarries because he wanted to make an empire of stone men.

He makes them of stone and they have only one place which isn’t made of stone- their left shoulder.» «But how can we help you?» asked Jack. «The King of the Deeper Underground is afraid of the residents of Higland. If you meet him near the Giant Stalagmite, his empire (with him, of course) will die! Our plan is the following: we’ll make him go to the stalagmite and you’ll go from the opposite side.»

Next day they realized their plan. Hlunk with his men couldn’t make the King of the Deeper Underground go to the Giant Stalagmite and that’s why they took a very big stone (because the King was a giant with the wolf’s head) and hit him. Then they carried him to the stalagmite and broke his sword. Then they stood in a circle around him. When he recovered, Jack and Anna were there. He shouted and died. «We are free!!» shouted the crowd of the underground people....

Next minute Jack and Anna were already in the park.

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